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We want to capture your house or venue in the best possible way, for that purpose we suggest that all owners and property managers follow the below check-list, as part of our policy we are not responsible for staging, cleaning or setting the space beyond simple adjustments.


  • Remove cars from driveway and front of home, either in garage or down the street. Garage doors closed.

  • Garbage cans, hoses, and gardening tools should be hidden.

  • Mow Lawn and remove any leftover debris (twigs, branches, obvious weeds)

  • Remove any toys or sports equipment from lawn and driveway.

  • Uncover pools and hot tubs if clean, skim leaves. At time of shoot, hot tub jets and lights will be turned on. Please put away cleaning equipment.

  • Clean and arrange outside furniture, open patio table umbrella, tidy chairs and cushions.

  • Remove grill cover and hide grilling utensils.

  • Sweep sidewalks, driveway, patio, decks and pool area if any.

  • Remove all flags, hanging ornaments and home security signs.


  • Turn on ALL lights in the house, REPLACE burnt out bulbs.

  • Turn ON ceiling fan lights, please keep fan OFF.

  • If window has curtains, please open. If window has blinds, LOWER them but keep OPEN (slats horizontal).

  • Turn all TV’s and computer screens OFF

  • Any glass door/window/mirror should be clean and free of streaks and fingerprints.

Kitchen/Dining Room

  • Clean off and wipe down all counter tops.

  • Remove appliances, knife blocks, toasters etc. ONE nice, modern looking appliance can stay (coffee maker or tea kettle on stove for example).

  • Remove all items from refrigerator (no magnets, pictures, etc).

  • Remove throw rugs, hanging towels, paper towels.

  • Place bowl of fruit or flowers to add color, if possible.

  • Hide garbage can, remove dishes and drain stopper.

  • Use decorative place setting if possible.

  • Straighten and tidy all chairs.


  • Make all beds, use decorative pillows if available.

  • Clean night stands and tops of dressers of all clutter.

  • Store away phone, tablets, charging cords, books, Kleenex and other items for no clutter look!

  • If possible, remove all personal photos.

  • Address any clutter under the bed that may show in photos or video.

  • Walk in closets should be tidied.


  • Arrange clean towels to be orderly.

  • Hide all trash cans, plungers, or toilet scrubbers.

  • Remove floor mat and close toilet seat. Have fresh toilet paper roll.  

  • Remove hygiene products from counter, including bar soap, medications and toothbrushes.

  • Remove shampoos, razors and Loofahs from shower, close shower curtain/door.


Living Room/Family Room

  • Vacuum, sweep and mop where appropriate.

  • Tidy couches, fluff pillows, remove clutter from tables/desks.

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